Miniature, Toy and Merle Schnauzers



Fritz & Cole
Annie & Tio Litter
Proudly Owned By Kay-Sauve Ward

Bet you can't own just one!
Proudly owned by the Issac Joseph Family

Welcome to All Nite Partis, breeders of Miniature, Toy and Merle Schnauzers.  All our dogs are AKC, (American Kennel Club), or MSCA,(Merle Schnauzer Club of America), registered.  We raise a variety of colors:  Black, Liver (Chocolate), Salt & Pepper, Black & Silver, Liver Pepper and Liver & Tan.  All these can come in Parti colors.

You will find Miniature, Toy and Merle Schnauzers are:

  • Loyal
  • Family-Oriented
  • Fun Loving
  • Non-shedding...A HUGE plus!

All of our dogs are well socialized and are at least eight weeks or older before departing to their new families. We do our best to match the right puppies with the right people/family.

Give us a call and let us help you find your next family member.

Shipping is also available on puppy purchase.

Inspected by American Kennel Club November 2010

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